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non-judicial punishment

A non-judicial punishment (NJP) in the United States Armed Forces is governed by Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice—the “Maroon Harpoon,” and by each service branch’s regulations. Punishment can range from reprimand to reduction in rank, correctional custody, confinement on bread and water aboard ships, loss of pay, extra duty, and/or restrictions.  In today's “zero defect” military, the impact on a career can be devastating.  It will derail promotions and prevent re-enlistments.  A report of NJP can also set in motion administrative separation proceedings for officers and enlisted.

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SAN DIEGO - The Navy’s epic bribery scandal grew even larger Wednesday as another officer pleaded guilty to leaking classified information to a foreign defense contractor in exchange for cash, luxury travel and sex. Lt. Cmdr. Todd Dale Malaki, 44, a former supply officer based in Asia, pleaded guilty in federal court in San Diego to one count of conspiracy to commit bribery. Court papers filed Wednesday show that Malaki signed his plea deal nearly a month ago, on March 17. His attorney, Jeremiah J. Sullivan III of San Diego, said the officer would continue to cooperate with investigators. “Lt. Cmdr. Malaki accepted responsibility for his actions,” Sullivan said. “It doesn’t define him or his 25 years of honorable service.” READ MORE>

SAN DIEGO - A 21 year old man pleaded not guilty to drunken driving and other charges stemming from a December 30th crash that seriously injured an on-duty San Diego police officer. READ MORE>

SAN DIEGO – A Navy sailor who was allegedly carrying an assault rifle and wearing body armor when he was shot by a San Diego police officer in a downtown apartment building pleaded not guilty from his hospital bed Wednesday to a charge of exhibiting a firearm. READ MORE>

SAN DIEGO — A Navy sailor who was shot by police while armed and dressed in a gas mask outside his apartment complex was arraigned from his hospital bedside Wednesday. READ MORE>

SAN DIEGO — Navy Region Southwest dismissed all charges against a Hospital Corpsman who was pending a General Court-martial for raping a civilian contractor at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.  The accused had been awaiting trial since May 7, 2010 in the Naval Consolidate Brig, Miramar.  In legal documents filed with the Navy-Marine Corps Trial Judiciary, Western Judicial Circuit, Attorney Jeremiah J. Sullivan, III described the case as a  “cougar gone crazy.”  Attorney Sullivan confirmed that his client was released from the brig and returned to duty.

SAN DIEGO—A college student accused of failing to stop his car after hitting a 4-year-old boy on an Encanto street last week pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a felony charge. Samuel Metu, 19, was arraigned in San Diego Superior Court on one count of hit and run causing death in connection with the July 9 collision that killed Jameson Darapheth. Judge David Szumowski kept Metu’s bail at $50,000, declining a request from his attorney that he be released from county jail on his own recognizance. If convicted, Metu faces a possible sentence of up to four years in prison. READ MORE>

SAN DIEGO —An El Cajon mom who was arrested a week ago for deserting the Army 10 years ago is back home after being administratively discharged from duty.
Giselle Flynn, 37, flew from Fort Sill, Okla., Friday night and reunited with her two children. “I'm ecstatic,” Flynn said. “I was really worried about a court-martial and them taking my kids.” Her attorney, Jeremiah Sullivan, said negotiations with the Army couldn't have gone any better. READ MORE>

SAN DIEGO — The first of eight Camp Pendleton squad members accused of kidnapping and murdering an Iraqi man was released from the brig Thursday.  The lawyer for Navy medic Melson J. Bacos, 21, said his client was happy to be free again and was looking forward to hugging his wife and his daughter.  READ MORE>

OCEANSIDE — The hospital corpsman who pleaded guilty last year in a murder plot with members of his Marine Corps infantry squad will be released from a military brig next month, his attorney confirmed Wednesday.  Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Melson J. Bacos will be released from custody in the Camp Pendleton brig sometime between March 7 and March 12, said Jeremiah J. Sullivan III, a San Diego attorney.  READ MORE>

CAMP PENDLETON – A Navy corpsman who was sentenced to a year in military prison for his role in the killing of an Iraqi man will be released from the brig two months early, his attorney said Tuesday. READ MORE>

SAN DIEGO – The fact that four of the 24 Iraqi civilians allegedly killed by a group of Marines in Haditha, Iraq, in 2005 have not been identified by prosecutors may mean that there isn't a solid enough case to tie those victims to the accused, a military law expert said Tuesday. READ MORE>

SAN DIEGO - Plot detailed at court-martial.  Frustrated by the repeated release of a suspected terrorist in Iraq, a Camp Pendleton unit decided to enforce its own brand of justice with an execution. So said Petty Officer 3rd Class Melson J. Bacos during his court-martial yesterday at Camp Pendleton. READ MORE>

SAN DIEGO — The attorney for a 20-year-old corpsman — one of a dozen in an infantry company suspected in the April shooting death of an Iraqi man — criticized his treatment at the Camp Pendleton brig, where he’s shackled at the hands and feet and held in solitary confinement for all but one hour a day.




The Law Offices of Jeremiah J. Sullivan, III takes great pride in representing active and reserve military personnel in all branches of the armed services across the country and around the world in cases involving military injustice.

With extensive experience as a former prosecutor and a Navy Judge Advocate (JAG), Attorney Jeremiah J. Sullivan, III offers his clients the insight and knowledge that comes from having worked on both sides of the courtroom.


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domestic violence


The Law Offices of Jeremiah J. Sullivan, III has represented service members throughout the state of California in Domestic Violence cases.  The stakes are high in Domestic Violence cases in light of the Lautenberg Amendment to the Gun Control Act and mandatory administrative processing for Family Advocacy Program (FAP) Failures.  Careful evaluation must be completed in every case.

in the NEWS



DUI’s do not discriminate—we have represented police officers, doctors, nurses, and senior military officers.  In today’s military environment, the collateral damage from an Alcohol Related Incident (ARI), can effectively end the most promising career.  The Law Offices of Jeremiah J. Sullivan, III will work closely with you, reviewing your case, educating you on the legal issues and discussing trial strategies.

central violations bureau


The Central Violations Bureau (CVB) is the national center charged with processing violation notices issued for misdemeanor offenses committed on federal property. This includes criminal misconduct that occurs on federal property such as federal buildings, military installations,  Veteran Affairs medical centers, and national parks. The cases are heard in the Federal District and can result in a permanent federal conviction. Careful attention is required to avoid a federal criminal record



Criminal Defense Attorney in San Diego


The criminal justice system is dangerous and unforgiving for those who are accused of committing a crime. The necessity of getting immediate representation cannot be understated. Cases are won and lost at this critical stage.  The investigators and prosecutors are preparing their case--so should you.

mandatory processing


The military has determined that certain bases for Administrative Separation are so detrimental to good order and discipline, mission readiness, and appropriate standards of performance and conduct, that processing is mandatory. This list of bases that require mandatory processing includes: Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Harassment, Drug Abuse (Positive Urinalysis), Family Advocacy Program (FAP) Failure, Alcohol Rehabilitation Failure, Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) Failure. The Law Offices of Jeremiah Sullivan, III has traveled the world saving the careers of service members facing administrative separation.

The Law Office of Jeremiah J. Sullivan, III is a nationally recognized litigation firm.  The firm's reputation for successful litigation strategy and tactics coupled with one-on-one client interaction has made it the firm of choice for individuals with most challenging cases.  Attorney Jeremiah J. Sullivan, III is an experienced trial lawyer who has successfully litigated cases across the country and around the world.

As a trial lawyer, former prosecutor and a Navy Judge Advocate (JAG), Attorney Sullivan gained vast experience in complex litigation. The Law Offices of Jeremiah J. Sullivan, III has the critical litigation skills and experience necessary to provide aggressive representation in your case.

Attorney Sullivan will always strive to create “Win-Win” solutions in every case by taking direct-action approaches that produce results through strategic planning, tactical decision-making, and lots of hard work.

personal injury

The Law Offices of Jeremiah J. Sullivan, III has established a nationwide network of trial lawyers, investigators, forensic experts, and physicians to serve our clients with cases involving catastrophic injury. Catastrophic injury litigation is uniquely complex and requires a trial team that is experienced with both medical and legal issues.

Attorney Jeremiah J. Sullivan, III, is an accomplished trial lawyer with substantial experience in the complex litigation arena and has acquired an outstanding record of achievement in the area of personal injury litigation. Our trial team will educate you with the significant legal issues involved and address every one of your concerns with professionalism, integrity, and compassion.